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1982 : 3rd World Championshisp

Introduction :

The 1982 World Championships, organized by the AIBA, represent the latest worldwide confrontation for Cuba, before the 1984 Olympic Games boycott. After the triumph in Moscow, the Castro's island begins his isolation.

Remember that at this time, we are still in the sport Cold War. The last major tournaments have taken place mainly in the East block (La Havana in 1974, Belgrad in 1978 and Moscow in 1980) with the exception of Montreal, in 1976.

Preparation :

In the 14th Giraldo Cordova Cardin Tournament, in June 1981, Cuba wins the majority of the medals.

At the second World Cup in November 1981, in Montreal, Cubans win only 4 gold medals, with Omar Santiesteban, Adolfo Horta, Jose Herrera and Angel Gomez.

Omar Santiesteban, left in 1981

Ath the North American Championship in 1981, Cuba win 7 gold medals.

In November or December 1981, at the 12th American and Caribbean Championships in Santo Domingo, Cuba sends a B team and only wins 4 gold medals.

On February 28, 1982, Cuba meets the USA in La Havana. Cuba wins by 22 to 2, or 11 wins for a loss. This is an exceptional result.

(- 60 kg) Angel Herrera def Vinnie Pazienza/USA, on points 4-1.

(+91 Kg) Tyrrell Biggs/USA defeated Angel Milian, on points 3-2. It's the only American victory.

(+ 91 kg) Jorge Luis Gonzalez beats Pat Bagley/USA, by ko in 1st round.

In the 15th Giraldo Cordova Cardin Tournament from April 21st to 27th, 1982, Cuba wins 11 gold medals, out of 12 available.

The very talented -75 kg Jose Gomez (former gold medallist at the 1978 WC and 1980 OG) disappears from the Cuban team. He has won during the confrontation with the USA, but is not in the finals of the Cordova Cardin Tournament, won by Bernardo Comas. Jose Gomez will beat Comas in 1983.

World Championships :

These championships are held in Munich, West Germany, from 4th to 15th May, 1982.

Korean team flag, at these World Championships.

Eliminated without medal :

(- 48 kg) Hipolito Ramos loses during the preliminary fight, against Laureano Ramirez/Dominica, on points 2-3. Ramos, who won a silver medal in the 1980 OG, disappears from the Olympic and World Cuban team.

(- 51 kg) Omar Santiesteban loses against Michael Collins/USA, on points 2-3, during the quarter-finals. Michael Collins will win the silver medal. Omar Santiesteban disappears from the Olympic and World Cuban team.

(- 54 kg) Rafael Cardenas loses vs Klaus-Dieter Kirchstein/RDA, on points 1-4. Kirchstein will win the bronze medal. Cardenas disappears from the Olympic and World Cuban team.

(- 67 kg) Jose Luis Hernandez loses against Serik Konakbayev/USSR, on points 1-4, during the preliminary fight. Konakbayev (silver medal at the 1980 OG) is also a silver medallist at these WC, losing on points against against Mark Breland/USA, a future 1984 Olympic Champion and Welterweight Prof World Champion. Jose Luis Hernandez disappears from the Olympic and World Cuban team.

(91 kilograms) It's a big surprise. Teofilo Stevenson (see separate article in this blog) loses without discussion on points 5-0, during his first fight, for the quarter-final, against Italy's Francesco Damiani. Extract of the fight

Damiani will be a silver medallist, losing the finals against Tyrrell Biggs. Damiani will win the silver medal at the Olympics of 1984 and will be the Heavyweight European Pro Champion. Damiani will beat Biggs, during their pro carreer.

Bronze Medals :

(- 91 kg) Hermenegildo Baez loses his semi-finals against Juergen Fanghaenel/GDR, on points 5-0. Previously, Baez won his first 2 fights. Baez disappears from the Olympic and World Cuban team.

Silver Medals :

(- 71 kg) Alexander Koshkin/USSR beats Armando Martinez, on points 3-2, in the finals. Martinez won his first 4 fights. It should be noted that this is the revenge of the 1980 Olympic final, during which Martinez has beaten Koshkin, on points 4-1. Martinez disappears from the Olympic and World Cuban team.

Armando Martinez, right, in 1981

Gold Medals :

(- 57 kg) During the finals, Adolfo Horta beats Rawsalyn Otgonbaya/Mongolia, on points 5-0. Previously, Horta won his first 4 fights. Horta won a gold medal at the 1978 WC and a silver medal at the 1980 OG. Horta will take part at the 1986 WC.

(- 60 kg) During the finals, Angel Herrara beats Pernell Whitaker, on points 3-2. Pernell Whitaker will become a 1984 OG gold medallist and a Pro World Champion. Previously, Herrera won his first 4 fights in theses WC. Herrera, who won two gold medals at the 1976 and 1980 OG and a gold medal at the 1979 WC, disappears from the Olympic and World Cuban team.

(- 63.5 kg) Carlos Garcia beats Dong Kil Kim/Korea, on points 5-0, during the finals. Previously, Garcia won his first 4 fights. He disappears from the Olympic and World Cuban team.

(- 75 kg) During the finals, Bernardo Comas beats Tarmo Uusivirta/Finland, by ko in the 3rd. Uusivirta has already won a silver medal at the 1978 WC and will be a pro fighter, without becoming a World Champion. Comas won his first 4 fights, including the semi-finals, defeating Iran Barkley/USA, on points 3-2. Barkley will become a Pro Middleweight World Champion middleweight, defeating Thomas Hearns. Comas disappears from the Olympic and World Cuban team.

Bernardo Comas, left in 1981.

(- 81 kg) During the finals, Pablo Romero def Skrecz Pawel/Poland, on points 5-0. Previously, Romero has won his first 2 fights. Pawel Skrecz has already won the silver medal at the 1980 OG. Romero will be present at the 1986 and 1989 WC.

Comparisons with other teams :

Cuba finishes first, with 5 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals. The USA are second with 3 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals. The USSR is third with 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals.

Cuba has to 2 wins and 2 losses vs the USSR. Cuba has 3 wins and 1 defeat against the USA.

Cuba has fought 38 fights, with 31 wins and 7 losses, a victories ratio of to 81.5%, as the ratio at the Montreal Olympics, but lower than during the other major international tournaments, since 1972.

After the World Championships :

From 7th to 18 August 1982, at the 14th Central American and Caribbean Games in La Havana, Cuba wins 11 gold medals. The only Cuban loss is the Angel Herrera's one, who loses in the quarter-finals by RSC1, against German Diaz/Puerto Rico.

1982 cuba medal boxingCuban medal for this American championships

On November 13th, 1982, Cuba meets the USA team in Reno/USA and wins by 16 to 8, 8 victories for 4 losses.

(- 60 kg) Pernell Whitaker/USA beats Angel Herrera, on points 4-1.

(-67 Kg) Mark Breland/USA def Candelorio Duvergel, on points 3-2. Extracts of the fight and

(+ 91 kg) Teofilo Stevenson def Tyrrell Biggs by ko in the 2nd round. Biggs won the 1982 World Championships. Extract of the fight

Tyrrell Biggs will be the 1984 OG Champion and the challenger for the world heavyweight title, against Mike Tyson, but without success.

Conclusions :

The year 1982 confirms the domination of Cuba on the USA, with the Cuban victories at the World Championships and during both direct confrontation.

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